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Massive Drums proudly presents the ultimate drum fill sample pack for BASS music - "Massive Fills Volume 1"

Featuring 45 heavy-hitting, ear-pounding, performance-oriented drum fills. Proper fills are essential for building dancefloor energy and creating massive drops, yet they are a component missing from many of today's Dubstep and Drum & Bass tracks. This unique sample pack will diversify your sample library; now you'll have an assortment of fills at your fingertips to help you construct creative drops that stand out from the rest. Use them to add some flavor to your existing drum patterns by adding them at the end of every 8 or 16 bars. Buy today and take the creativity and excitement of your tracks to the next level!

Here is what this sample pack offers you:

Watch this space for Youtube updates!

bBuy dubstep drum samples now!

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